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Hello Mets Fans. I’m creating this site to have some fun and campaign the Mets to sign free agent Mark Teixeira, more commonly known as Tex.  Tex is a young first baseman who hits from both sides of the plate and plays good defense.  Despite all the C.C. Sabathia hoopla, Tex is the premier free agent of the year.

If you’ve never heard of Tex, check out this page on Wikipedia.

ESPN‘s Keith Law had this to say about Tex as the top free agent:

“Teixeira is the top free agent available this off season for a number of reasons. Usually, the top position player free agent would be someone who plays a skill position, but this market is thin at those spots — middle infield, catcher, center fielder and third base. Of the corner bats available, Teixeira offers the best combination of offensive production, defensive value and youth.

Teixeira is still in his prime years as a hitter; he’ll play all of 2009 at age 29, so a six-year contract would take him through only his age-34 season and would leave him with the opportunity to land yet another huge contract, probably for four years, after this one runs out. At the plate, Teixeira is a true switch-hitter who shows power and patience from both sides; he explodes to the ball and has no trouble with high-quality stuff.

He’s one of the best defensive first basemen in the game, on par with Adrian Gonzalez, offering good range and outstanding hands. He also has been durable, playing in 157 games in 2008 and 162 games in 2005 and 2006, and he typically has fared better in the second half, the result of an intensive workout regimen that is designed to give him added strength to get through the season.”

There are many reasons why signing Tex makes sense.  So please post your comments and let’s work together to bring Tex to the Mets.

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One Response to “Welcome to Tex4Mets.wordpress.com”

  1. JR Says:

    Got my vote. Tex would be our best option for years to come. Delgado’s value is not going get any higher coming of of a good year and only having one year left on a reasonable contract. Trade him now for a fifth starter, bullpen help or anything of any worth in between the lines for that matter.

    Krod and Tex are on my Christmas list this year. Let’s get younger and add cornerstone players one or two at a time. You can always fill in elsewhere as you go along.

    Bring in TEX!!!!…… 7/$150?………Whatever it takes!

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