Crasnick on Teixeira and Nationals

ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick talked with several execs and agents who “have a hard time seeing a fit, conceptually or economically”. Crasnick wrote:

For starters, the Nationals are bad enough that a single star isn’t going to vault them into contention. The elite free agents have their pick of Boston, the two New York teams and the two Los Angeles-based clubs, and don’t have to settle for a rebuilding project in Washington.

“The Nationals also ranked 19th in the majors in attendance this past season in their new ballpark. Their television and radio ratings are horrendous. They just recently reached a settlement with the District of Columbia over $3.5 million in unpaid rent. And the Lerner family, which owns the team, has made its fortune in the real estate business. You don’t need a Wall Street Journal subscription to know there’s been a bit of a downturn in that market of late.

“Where are the resources within the organization that could allow them to do these things?” said an agent for a prominent free agent. “Let’s say it’s Teixeira and a $20-million-a year deal-plus. Where do they get $20 million to all of a sudden add to the payroll? I don’t care if you get all of Severna Park to come see him. Does that make any sort of business sense whatsoever?”

So there are good arguments for why the Nationals and Boston should not sign Tex. In my opinion, the Angels are our only real competition. Hopefully the Mets can offer more money and Tex will want to be on the East Coast.

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