Mets Payroll

One of the arguments I’ve heard against signing Mark Teixeira is that the Mets won’t be able to afford him now or in the future.  Therefore, I’ve done my best to create a chart of the Mets projected payroll.  I used Cot’s Baseball Contracts for information on player’s salary.


If you can’t see the chart, try clicking on this link.

As it stands, it seems that the Mets salary for the 40-man roster is about $123 million. If the arbitration estimates for Aaron Heilman, Pedro Feliciano and Duaner Sanchez are correct, that’s over $13 million of salary just between them. That’s not including the $3.6 million that is due to Scott Schoeneweis.

The Mets need to acquire two starters, one closer, and a left fielder. In addition, there are sure to be additional moves in the bullpen after its many struggles last year.

Given all of this, the question is, “Can the Mets afford to sign Mark Teixeira?” I think we can.  I’d like to know what you think.

In full disclosure, I got the idea and format for the chart from NYRoyal at Royals Review.

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