Teixeira Rumors: Day Three of Winter Meetings

Here’s MLBTradeRumors.com’s, Mark Teixeira rumors for today.

  1. Mike DiGiovanni of the L.A. Times discusses the current market for Mark Teixeira, saying “The Boston Red Sox have emerged as front-runners, and the Washington Nationals, who appear willing to offer eight years and $160 million, could make the most lucrative bid.”
  2. Dave Sheinin of the Washington Post says, “there doesn’t appear to be much chance of Mark Teixeira signing a contract on the premises of the Bellagio Hotel.”
  3. Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated believes Mark Teixeira will get his 10 year $200 million contract.
  4. Jose Mota of Yahoo! Sports reports that the Nationals have offered Mark Teixeira a 7 year $150 million contract.
  5. Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reports, “Teixeira, according to two major-league sources, would prefer to be on the east coast for family reasons.”

Things seem to be heating up, especially after the Yankees reported signing of C.C. Sabathia. That the Angels are pursuing Teixeira hard is not surprising, however it has not been reported that they have made an offer. It makes sense that Scott Boras would be trying to push Teixeira to Boston so that the other Big Market teams can pursue Manny Ramirez. As I’ve said, since the Mets are an East Coast winning team it makes sense that Teixeira and the Mets could be working on something. It hasn’t been reported, but I do believe that Omar Minaya is working behind the scenes to trade Carlos Delgado and sign Teixeira.

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