State of the Mets Rotation

Update 11:05 AM: Braves Sign Derek Lowe

David O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal has reported that the “(Braves) have agreed to terms with veteran pitcher Derek Lowe on a four-year, $60 million contract.”

Original Post:

On Sunday, Newsday’s Ken Davidoff wrote, “the Mets remain confident that they’ll eventually land one of their top two choices” for their rotation: Derek Lowe or Oliver Perez.”

Yesterday, on MLB Networks Hot Stove ShowJon Heyman reported that the Mets made a three-year offer to Oliver Perez worth $30 million. Today, Heyman reports that the Braves made a four year offer to Derek Lowe worth close to $60 million.

I’m glad that offers are being made, I was worried this would drag out until February. The Mets offers to Lowe (3/$36M) and to Perez (3/$30M) seem fair initial offers considering the market. The Braves seem determined to make a splash this off-season, especially after failing to trade for Jake Peavy and after A.J. Burnett signed with the Yankees. If Lowe does sign with the Braves, the Mets will most certainly be able to sign Perez for close to what they are asking. Maybe a three-year $36M offer with a mutual fourth year option making it four-years and $50M will get it done.
The criticism against Oliver Perez is that he is inconsistent. If the Mets believe this to be true, will they want to compensate the lack of consistency by signing an innings eater for the 5th spot like Jon Garland? I’d rather spend less money on low monetary risk and high reward pitchers like Pedro Martinez and Freddy Garcia to compete with Jon Niese and Tim Redding for the last spot.

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