Mets Can Afford Oliver Perez and Ben Sheets!

I think we can all agree that signing Oliver Perez is a must for the Mets and that it will cost between 10 and 12 million per year. The real question now is, “Do the Mets need to make any other additions to the rotation after signing Perez?” I’ll go ahead and say Yes and that addition must be Ben Sheets.

Some might argue that a rotation of Santana, Maine, Perez, Pelfrey, and Redding or Niese would suffice. Others will say that the Mets should sign the dependable Jon Garland to anchor the rotation.

The biggest argument I’ve heard over signing both Perez and Sheets is that the Mets can not afford it. Using salary figures from Cot’s Baseball Contracts, the current 40 man salary stands at approximately $137.3375 million . If Perez signs for $12 million and Sheets for $15 million, the salary would increase to approximately $165 million. However, these figures include projected arbitration salaries for Church, Feliciano, Maine, Reed and Sanchez that seem to be very high. So more likely, the roster salary would be close to $160 million.

Therefore, if signing both Perez and Sheets would most improve the rotation and the Mets are willing to increase the 2009 salary to $160 million, then the Mets can and should sign both Perez and Sheets.

Here’s a link to the current roster with salaries and here’s a link to my projected roster with salaries.

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