State of the Mets Rotation (Part III)

On Thursday, Adam Rubin reported that the Mets agreed to a Minor League deal with Freddy Garcia. According to Jon Heyman, Garcia felt that the Mets gave him a better opportunity to start.

On Friday, ESPN Radio reported that the Mets were willing to offer Oliver Perez a four year contract and had a growing interest in Ben Sheets. That same day, Jon Heyman reported that the Mets improved their offer to Perez, but it wasn’t certain what the offer was.

The Mets current rotation would be  Johan Santana, John Maine, Mike Pelfrey, Tim Redding, and either Freddy Garcia or Jonathan Niese. If the team is able to sign Oliver Perez or Ben Sheets, then Redding would compete with Garcia and Niese for the 5th spot. Were the team to sign two more free agent starters, then Redding could pitch from the bullpen as the long man.

These are the free agent starters the Mets have been linked to: Jon Garland, Pedro Martinez, Oliver Perez, Ben Sheets and Randy Wolf.

Here’s how I’d rank them:

  1. Ben Sheets – 30, Type A (GS-31, IP-198.3, W-13, WHIP-1.15, ERA-3.09, SO-158 )
  2. Oliver Perez – 27, Type A (GS-34, IP-194, W-10, WHIP-1.40, ERA-4.11, SO-180)
  3. Jon Garland – 29, Type B (GS-32, IP-196.2, W-14, WHIP-1.51, ERA-4.90, SO-90)
  4. Randy Wolf  – 32, Type B (GS-33, IP-190.1, W-12, WHIP-1.38, ERA-4.30, SO-162)
  5. Pedro Martinez – 37 (GS-20, IP-109, W-5, WHIP-1.57, ERA-5.61, SO-87)
I’m hoping the Mets can sign Oliver Perez for four years-$40 million and then sign Ben Sheets for two years-$20 million. If signing both isn’t possible, I’d prefer a combination of Sheets and Wolf, over Perez and Garland.

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