State of the Mets Rotation (Part IV)

On Friday,  Joel Sherman reported that the Mets avoided arbitration with John Maine. Maine will earn $2.6 million for 2009 and can earn $25,000 by pitching 200 innings. Maine earned $450K in 2008. That’s great for Maine and the Mets. I wonder if Maine’s late season injury had an impact on the Mets not signing him to a long term contract similar to what the Mets did with Mike Pelfrey, Jose Reyes and David Wright.

On Monday, Joel Sherman reported that the Mets “have reached agreement with Oliver Perez on a three-year, $36 million contract”. Perez earned $6 million in 2008. This signing is good for both parties. The Mets get the pitcher they wanted for three years and Perez now becomes one of the top paid pitchers in the league and will be eligible for free agency when he’s 30.

The Mets have a very solid rotation now but still may be able to improve it by signing Ben Sheets or Pedro Martinez. Both are risks, Sheets because of his injury history and Pedro because of age. It has been reported that Sheets is still looking for a multi-year deal with guaranteed money while Pedro has said he prefers to return to the Mets. The biggest difference between the two is that when healthy, Sheets is a true ace while Pedro would be competing for the last spot in the rotation.

I’d like to see the Mets sign Sheets to a 1 year $6 million contract with incentives reaching up to $12 million (similar to Andy Pettitte’s deal with the Yankees). Or, I’d like the Mets to sign Pedro Martinez to a 1 year $5 million contract with incentives reaching up to $10 million (similar to John Smoltz’s deal with the Red Sox). Signing one of these two will push Tim Redding to the long man/6th starter role, with Freddy Garcia and Jonathan Niese as the 7th and 8th pitchers.

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One Response to “State of the Mets Rotation (Part IV)”

  1. The Coop Says:

    Hey Casestreet – nice site you got here. I like the idea of adding Sheets for an incentive loaded one year with two-year option more than Pedro. You will hear me screaming from the Upper West side if Pedro is brought back to this team. Some fans think I’m tough on this team, and I am – you should see me fired up during the season LOL. Pedro has done nothing (outside of 2005) but disappoint. If this team won’t take a gander on Sheets b/c of his injury history, why would they take one on Pedro, knowing his? I agree though – we need at least one more pitcher. And I heart John Maine. That is all 🙂

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