I got banned from Metsblog.com

I was just banned from Metsblog.com for writing these two posts

  1. I don’t know why, I just don’t feel comfortable with Matt posting what his typical day is like.

    Maybe it’s because I don’t care, maybe it’s because I think it’s TMI, maybe I just think it makes it seem like Matt is more important than the site.

39 Responses to “I got banned from Metsblog.com”

  1. Prismo Says:

    Wow dude, that’s pretty rough. Matt’s ego has really inflated in the past year or so.

  2. Mr North Jersey Says:

    I think I got banned no matter what I type it says waiting to be moderated. Is that how you know if your banned?

  3. casey s. Says:

    Yeah, I used to go by Charlie on Metsblog (since 2005), but one day I must have said something that got Matt angry and boom, I was banned. I emailed him and he reinstated me. A few weeks later, I was banned again, this time forever. I had never used profanity or was ever rude to anyone. In fact, my posts were like my “casey s.” posts.

    What are you gonna do?

    • casestreet Says:

      I could understand if you were using profanity or something like that, but otherwise I don’t see why someone should be banned.

  4. casey s. Says:

    yeah, no profanity. i did get into a debate with another poster (who actually did get rather personal), but I stayed above it. I guess it was guilty by association.

    i hate to say it because i love what cerrone has done, but it does appear that he has forgotten why his site is so successful. it’s not’s just because he has been tremendously diligent in posting everyday and posting mostly thoughtful pieces, but also because the met fan is so into the team and wants a forum in which to talk about the team.

    it would be disappointing if he let’s this go to his head too much.

  5. mrose Says:

    maybe we just need a site that RSS’s from Metsblog with a regular comments section, even better a flat out forum type place that isn’t moderated by MLB or anything close to is…

    I have a basic forum site that was never used, this blog seems good too..i dunno….am I onto anything here?

  6. casey s. Says:

    i think so, mrose. i mean, i hate that we have to moderate ourselves or risk getting banned. a place to talk mets with my fellow mets fans is all i really want anyway. that’s why i go to metsblog.

  7. mrose Says:

    i’m gonna try to set something up this weekend, i have an idea in mind and I want to keep it to myself until I try to set it up..but it may solve all our issues 🙂

    i’ll post back on here when i’m done

  8. casey s. Says:

    cool. look forward to it!

  9. casestreet Says:

    That’s kind of the idea I had, if you read the banner. I don’t think Matt or the other SNY guys should be the ones controlling the conversation.

    I’m open to anyone writing on here. Just let me know you are interested and I’ll make you a contributor.

  10. Prismo Says:

    Wow, unbelievable. I’ve been banned too.

    I have no idea what I did either. I didn’t curse, I didn’t insult Matt (though I’m about to), and I didn’t insult another poster. I did absolutely nothing worth being banned for.

    The only thing I can think of is that Matt went to your blog and saw my name and banned me because of my post in this thread. Unlikely, but I can’t think of anything else. He really turned into a piece of ****.

    Whatever you guys come up with, I’m in.

    • casestreet Says:

      That really sucks Prismo. This is definitely not the way to treat your customers. Let me know if you want to post anything on here.

  11. Prismo Says:

    I sent Matt a very cordial email Friday asking why I was banned – still no response. I can’t post from work (he banned my username and my IP). I created a new username, so I’ll see if that works once I get home.

    Thanks for the “me and prismo too” comment on metsblog. It really pisses me off that I have no recourse, when I still have no idea what I “did wrong”.

  12. casey s. Says:

    why would the following need moderation?

    Samson is a weekly guest on the Dan LeBatard show here in Miami. He is great on the radio; very entertaining and smart. It doesn’t surprise me at all that he would say something like this to pump up the crowd.

    He’s just trying to stir it up and use the fact that the Marlins have spoiled the Mets two years in a row to invigorate a fan base that is still (even after two world championships) not keen on buying tickets and coming out to support the team.

  13. mrose Says:

    i see nothing there about moderation…
    what the hell is wrong w/ that blog…ugh..still working on my idea btw…. it would make it more a forum kinda thing…threads and what not…

  14. Prismo Says:

    If every comment of yours “needs moderation”, you’ve been banned.

    I tried testing it this morning with just one word comments, regular everyday stuff – all are “awaiting moderation”.

  15. Prismo Says:

    Speak of the devil – just got an email from Matt.

    “The comments section is on the fritz. It’s a medium priority issue for me right now, as I prepare to leave for spring training, and I’m doing the best I can to outsource the solution.

    It’s being worked on.

    Hopefully, it’ll get worked out soon. Keep trying back.”

  16. casey s. Says:

    okay, it went through.

  17. casey s. Says:

    well, it sounds like the blog is outgrowing itself.

  18. casey s. Says:

    casestreet, i actually got the comment to go through by posting it again. i think the website has server/development issues due to the growth of the site. (i hope.)

  19. casey s. Says:

    i just posted something here and it didn’t go through!

    i said that i got my post on metsblog to go through and i think matt is having server/development issues due to the growth of the site.

  20. casestreet Says:

    It’s good that Matt wrote back to you. If he’s having a problem with the site, though, he should say so and apologize. Otherwise, people get angry and upset.

  21. mrose Says:

    now I’m getting the awaiting moderation stuff…great

  22. mrose Says:

    is this posting? i’m having trouble posting everywhere now!

    • casestreet Says:

      Sorry, I changed the time zones and it’s posting the new comments as if they were earlier in the day. It should be fixed tonight.

  23. reillys5 Says:

    Casestreet, I am a daily commenter on metsblog.com and the same thing just happened to me. How do I know what I said wrong, and how long I will be banned. I don’t remember saying anything wrong, but now I can’t post anything. What’s the deal?

  24. mrose Says:

    either his comment section is totally f’d or he is on a complete and total power trip…

    i’m not sure whats going on but its ridiculous

  25. reillys5 Says:

    Matt must be on his period or something. I wish that since I am banned, I could actually find out what I said, and for how long.

  26. casestreet Says:

    Well, I’m still banned from my laptop. I have been able to post when I use my work computer.

    Alex.242 and some others have been able to register new screen names and are able to post. However, that didn’t work for me.

    Hopefully, it’ll be resolved soon.

  27. mrose Says:

    i’m still banned, at least from work..
    this is complete bs

  28. casey s. Says:

    i haven’t been able to post here for crying out loud!

    • casestreet Says:

      I’ve seen your posts. They got a little out of order because I messed with the time zones, but I’m sure they’re here.

  29. casey s. Says:

    yes, now i see them, too. sorry.

  30. Matt Says:

    hey guys…i put this together..

    Try to join, let me know what you think….

  31. Matt Says:

    also, this site has blogs available (a domain i’ve had for a while with no use..if we can put good use to it, i’ll extend it

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