State of the Mets Bullpen (Part I)

Cryin' Shame

Cryin' Shame

I’m introducing a new series on Daily Mets, State of the Mets Bullpen. I should’ve done this from the beginning. Don’t know why I didn’t, except that I didn’t think of it.

I’ll spare you a recap of the performance of last year’s bullpen. It’s enough to say anything and everything that could’ve gone wrong, did.

Instead, I’d like to take a look at this year’s bullpen. I’m hopeful that Freddy Garcia or Pedro Martinez (if he comes back) will get the 5th spot in the rotation. That will push Tim Redding to be the long man in the bullpen, which he’s said he’s okay with.

So here is your (potential) 2009 Mets Bullpen:

Francisco Rodriguez

J.J. Putz

Duaner Sanchez

Pedro Feliciano

Sean Green

Tim Redding


I don’t know about you, but this bullpen looks very good to me. Not only do we have an elite Closer in K-Rod, we also have a great closer in Putz as the Setup Man. No more losses in the 8th and 9th inning. Is there a better combo out there?

Duaner Sanchez separated his shoulder in July 2006 and a hairline fracture in the front of his shoulder in March 2007. So with two years of recovery, Sanchez should be able to throw well again as he did in the first half of last season but hopefully won’t show the same fatigue he did toward the second half of the season.

Pedro Feliciano is the team’s lefty one out guy holding left-handed batters to a .210 batting average. With the troubles of his daughter’s open-heart surgery well behind him and limiting him to the LOOGY role, Pedro should have a good year in 2009.

Sean Green is a 6’6″ sinkerballer who in 2008 had a 2.72 ERA Pre All-Star but a 8.65 ERA Post All-Star. His poor second half might be due to the American League leading 48 appearances before the All-Star break and the mental woes of pitching for the 100-Loss Mariners. Green’s eigth-best ground ball percentage among relievers should only improve behind the defense of the Mets infield.

Tim Redding had a career year in 2008 in innings pitched, games started and strikeouts. However, he did have an ERA of 4.95 after a 3.85 Pre-All Star ERA. He’ll likely be the long man with the Mets and is an average player. Also, he’s from Rochester and named his son Shea. So he’s cool in my books.

If the Mets go with a seven-man bullpen, that leaves one spot available. With lefty reliever Will Ohman still a free-agent, there have been rumors circulating that the Mets have been staying in touch. However, Omar Minaya said “There aren’t going to be any more big moves”. So I don’t see the Mets signing Ohman.

That leaves Brian Stokes, Carlos Muniz, Livan Hernandez and others for that final bullpen spot.

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