This Day in Mets Infamy with Rusty

good morning to all my fellow met fans out there its time for the daily “this day in mets infamy with rusty” so we shall waste no more time

first off b-day wishes goes out to our newly aquired pie thrower and flame throwing set up man J. J. Putz (1977)
New York Mets traded Bobby Klaus, Wayne Graham and Jimmie Schaffer to the Philadelphia Phillies for Dick Stuart on February 22, 1966. – too bad dick was past his prime – i heard he hangs out with putz (ba dum dump)

New York Mets signed free agent Juan Berenguer (later on to have a better career with the tigers )on February 22, 1975.

New York Mets released Mark Bradley on February 22, 1984. (who?)

New York Mets signed free agent Mark Johnson on February 22, 2000. (once again WHO!)

Montreal Expos claimed Endy Chavez of the New York Mets on waivers on February 22, 2002. ( I forgot endy was a met prior to 06) – gonna miss him



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