Metsblog Comments Section Announcement

Update: Matt would like to make the metsblog comments exclusive to a small group he selects. Check out his survey.

Apparently, Matt Cerrone of Matthew Cerrone’s will be making an announcement later regarding the status of the comments section writing earlier today, “For those who are curious, I will be making a post later today about the state of this site’s comment section, which has been intentionally closed since Tuesday night.”

My guess is he’ll say a small group of commenters became an annoyance so he closed it, he’ll then poll something, but finally just decide to do without the comments section.

I doubt the decision will significantly hurt the site, since it’s the “Grand Central Station for Mets Information”. However, eventually people will decide they no longer are interested in the Grand Central Station and instead like the Union Square of Mets Fans! What I mean by that is that eventually a newer and more fan friendly site will come along to take over as the #1 site for Mets stuff. That won’t happen for a while, since has reached a critical mass and people will continue to visit the site, despite its flaws.

BTW, a group of ex-commenters, led by therealsince86 and dirtysanchez, have gotten together and are starting their own site, and will be joinging forces with mrose’s Go check em’ out and catch up w/ old friends.

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