MetsBlog’s Comment Section

Well, there you go. Way to push people away. Here’s Matt Cerrone’s explanation for closing the comments section.

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2 Responses to “MetsBlog’s Comment Section”

  1. charlie Says:

    I just emailed Matt the following in response:

    For four years I have been drawn here by the comments section – sorry.

    I know you say that in the last year things have gotten bad and I agree. But, opening the comments section to just an exclusive group of people is, well, very high school of you.

    There is a clique and if you are not in it, you have to go to another part of the site (we’ll call it the ghetto).

    Do you honestly think that is going to make a the rest feel good about visiting your site?

    You are telling most of the people that pay your rent that they and their opinions are not good enough for you.

    Don’t go on SNY and pretend to represent Mets fans opinions anymore, just your exclusive club.

    • casestreet Says:

      great letter. I doubt he cares, though. all metsblog will be now is a feeder of mets news, which won’t be distinguishable from or any other news source.

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