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State of the Mets Rotation

May 22, 2009

JohanHappy Johan Santana Day! (a.k.a. The Great Santana) What, don’t you say that every time Mets Ace Johan Santana is scheduled to take the mound? Before he does, let’s take a look at the state of the Mets rotation.

This time through the rotation the Mets will be showcasing Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey, Tim Redding, John Maine and Livan Hernandez.

Let’s see how they’ve done this year and what we might expect from this this week:

Johan Santana (5-2):

Santana won the NL Pitcher of the Month Award in April and is well on his way to another Cy Young caliber season. In his last start, Santana allowed six runs, four earned on 11 hits against the San Francisco Giants but still managed to get a Win thanks to some great hitting by the Mets.

As points out here,

Santana is primed for a huge season. In 39.2 innings this season, Santana has punched out a jaw-dropping 54 batters (12.25 K/9), which is the highest rate of his career. His FIP sits at a microscopic 2.03, and he has compiled 1.7 WAR already.

In his last start against the Red Sox, Santana allowed one run on 7 hits in 5 innings.

Mike Pelfrey (4-1):

Mike PelfreyPelfrey had a case of the Yips last week. He allowed 2 runs on 6 hits against the San Francisco Giants but suffered his first loss of the season as the Mets were unable to score on Matt Cain and the Giants bullpen.

Pelfrey is sporting a 1.54 WHIP, .286 BABIP, and a 5.23 FIP. Most striking is his 0.65 K/BB ratio, the worst in his career. However, his GB/FB ratio stands at 1.80, the best of his career.

Tim ReddingTim Redding (0-0):

Redding allowed two runs on 2 hits while walking four and striking out four in six innings against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Nonetheless, the Mets made 5 errors and left 11 on base, and in the 11th, had probably one of the worse innings in baseball this year (Glad I went to bed after the 10th).

I won’t bore you with any stats, since one game is not enough to go off of.

John MaineJohn Maine (3-3):

Maine allowed five runs (four earned) on eight hits while walking three and striking out three in 5 1/3 innngs against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Maine flirted with disaster the whole night but hung a slider to Casey Blake for a three run homerun.

Maine is sporting a 1.42 WHIP, .260 BABIP and a 4.83 FIP. His career best GB/FB ration is 0.80 (2006) but stands at 0.91 this year. Also, Maine’s LD ratio is at 22.5%, the highest of his career.

Livan HernandezLivan Hernandez (3-1):

Livan allowed one run on seven hits while walking one and striking out two in seven innings against the Los Angeles DodgersLivan was wonderful, but the offense failed him as they left nine on base and couldn’t capitalize when they needed to.

Livan is sporting a 1.47 WHIP, .316 BABIP and a 4.65 FIP.

In his last start against the Washington Nationals last year, Livan allowed six runs giving up 10 hits in six innings.

The Mets need the rotation to continue to give the team quality starts, especially with the bats slumping. If the Mets are able to take 2 of 3 from the Boston Red Sox, they’ll come back with a 23-20 record and would’ve gone 6-5 on the west to east trip. Let’s Go Mets!

P.S. I’d love some feedback, especially about what’s missing from this post. Thanks.

Olney on Teixeira

December 15, 2008

ESPN’s Buster Olney discusses why the Nationals and Orioles shouldn’t be pursuing Mark Teixeira, adding “They should not be bidding. They should call Scott Boras, the agent for Teixeira, three minutes ago and tell him — like someone who accidentally raises his hand at an auction — Look, sorry for the misunderstanding, but we made a mistake. We really didn’t mean to make that $160 million offer.”

This is pretty much what I’ve written before about these two teams. It just does not make sense for them to go after Mark Teixeira; they have a long way to become a winning team. Frankly, if I were a Nationals or Orioles fan, I’d want the team to build from the ground up the way the Rays and Brewers have.
It may well be that the Nationals and Orioles will not get into a bidding war for Mark Teixeira and the Red Sox and Yankees are only “in” to keep each other away. So this might be the perfect situation for the Angels or a mystery team (hopefully the Mets) to come in and sign Teixeira.

Angels Make Eight Year Offer

December 14, 2008

Bill Shaikin of the L.A. Times reports, “The Angels have offered an eight-year contract to Mark Teixeira” and it is believed to be worth around $160 million.” The Orioles have offered a seven-year contract worth $140-$150 million, while the Nationals have offered eight-years and $160 million. The Yankees and Red Sox are also rumored to be in the mix but there have been no reports of an offer being made from either team.

I’m interested to know what the Red Sox and Yankees have offered, if they have.  The Angels, Orioles and Nationals all need a First Baseman, while the Red Sox and Yankees have some options beyond 2009.
With the trades of Aaron Heilman, Joe Smith and Scott Schoeneweis and the addition of Francisco Rodriguez and J.J. Putz, Omar Minaya may be done tinkering with the bullpen and likely will begin to focus on acquiring one or two starting pitchers. Then we will hopefully see the Mets get in the mix for Mark Teixeira or another bat for the lineup.

Teixeira Rumors: Day Three of Winter Meetings

December 10, 2008

Here’s’s, Mark Teixeira rumors for today.

  1. Mike DiGiovanni of the L.A. Times discusses the current market for Mark Teixeira, saying “The Boston Red Sox have emerged as front-runners, and the Washington Nationals, who appear willing to offer eight years and $160 million, could make the most lucrative bid.”
  2. Dave Sheinin of the Washington Post says, “there doesn’t appear to be much chance of Mark Teixeira signing a contract on the premises of the Bellagio Hotel.”
  3. Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated believes Mark Teixeira will get his 10 year $200 million contract.
  4. Jose Mota of Yahoo! Sports reports that the Nationals have offered Mark Teixeira a 7 year $150 million contract.
  5. Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reports, “Teixeira, according to two major-league sources, would prefer to be on the east coast for family reasons.”

Things seem to be heating up, especially after the Yankees reported signing of C.C. Sabathia. That the Angels are pursuing Teixeira hard is not surprising, however it has not been reported that they have made an offer. It makes sense that Scott Boras would be trying to push Teixeira to Boston so that the other Big Market teams can pursue Manny Ramirez. As I’ve said, since the Mets are an East Coast winning team it makes sense that Teixeira and the Mets could be working on something. It hasn’t been reported, but I do believe that Omar Minaya is working behind the scenes to trade Carlos Delgado and sign Teixeira.

Teixeira Rumors: Day Two of Winter Meetings

December 9, 2008

Tim Dierkes of has posted today’s Mark Teixeira rumors.

  1. Gordon Edes, of Yahoo! Sports, spoke with several club execs who believe Mark Teixeira will sign with the Red Sox, because, “they want him. They have a good relationship with [agent Scott] Boras, and in the end, they have the dollars to make it happen.”
  2. Jon Heyman, of Sports Illustrated, reports that “word is gathering that the Red Sox are one of the most aggressive pursuers of Mark Teixeira, with several executives predicting he may wind up there.”
  3. Tim Brown, of Yahoo! Sports, says the Angels would be willing to go up to a seven year contract for Mark Teixeira to keep him in L.A.
  4. Ken Rosenthal, of Fox Sports, has learned that the Angels may not be the high bidder on Mark Teixeira and that some insiders believe the Nationals will offer him a deal close to his 10 year $200 million asking price.
The optomist in me is remembering the reports circulating the Johan Santana trade at last year’s winter meetings. The Red Sox and Yankees were the front runners back then, but Omar Minaya played the waiting game and got the prize for the right price.
However, not hearing the Mets as a possibility is a little worrisome. In the end though, there are many reasons why Mark Teixeira does not fit with the Red SoxYankees, Nationals, Angels or Orioles and would fit perfectly with the Mets. So until I hear otherwise, I’ll remain optimistic that the Mets will sign Mark Teixeira.


Crasnick on Teixeira and Nationals

December 4, 2008

ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick talked with several execs and agents who “have a hard time seeing a fit, conceptually or economically”. Crasnick wrote:

For starters, the Nationals are bad enough that a single star isn’t going to vault them into contention. The elite free agents have their pick of Boston, the two New York teams and the two Los Angeles-based clubs, and don’t have to settle for a rebuilding project in Washington.

“The Nationals also ranked 19th in the majors in attendance this past season in their new ballpark. Their television and radio ratings are horrendous. They just recently reached a settlement with the District of Columbia over $3.5 million in unpaid rent. And the Lerner family, which owns the team, has made its fortune in the real estate business. You don’t need a Wall Street Journal subscription to know there’s been a bit of a downturn in that market of late.

“Where are the resources within the organization that could allow them to do these things?” said an agent for a prominent free agent. “Let’s say it’s Teixeira and a $20-million-a year deal-plus. Where do they get $20 million to all of a sudden add to the payroll? I don’t care if you get all of Severna Park to come see him. Does that make any sort of business sense whatsoever?”

So there are good arguments for why the Nationals and Boston should not sign Tex. In my opinion, the Angels are our only real competition. Hopefully the Mets can offer more money and Tex will want to be on the East Coast.