State of the Mets Rotation (Part V)

In my last segment of State of the Mets Rotation, I argued that the Mets should sign either Ben Sheets or Pedro Martinez. Two days later, Jon Heyman reported that Sheets would have elbow surgery. So it seems like Pedro’s path to the Mets just got a little clearer.

The Mets have a very good rotation with Johan Santana, Oliver Perez, John Maine, and Mike Pelfrey. Then there’s Tim Redding, Freddy Garcia, and Jonathan Niese all vying for the last spot on the rotation. I still think we need one more starter to add for pitching depth, and that person is Pedro Martinez.

As we’ve all come to learn over the past couple of years, you need pitching depth in case of injury. Do you remember last year when Pelfrey our #6 pitcher became our #4 pitcher? That’s why I propose the Mets bring back the Godfather of the Modern Mets for one more year on an incentives laden contract, to deepen the rotation.

I know there’s a whole bunch of reasons why that sounds crazy, but he can’t be worse than either Redding, Garcia or Niese. With Sheets scheduled for surgery, Wolf, Garland, and Looper signed, Pedro is the best option on this free agent tracker (and no, we’re not trading for a starter). Plus, he’s practically begging the Mets to bring him back.

So let’s think about it for a second. I’m not talking about Pedro as a #2 starter getting paid $12 million. Instead, I’m suggesting we bring Pedro back as a #5 starter getting paid $5 million guaranteed. That’s a high ceiling low risk move.

The added benefit is that Redding can slot in to the long man position, Garcia can get some starts in AAA (remember Garcia just pitched 3 games for the Tigers last season), and Niese can pitch a full season in AAA getting ready to take over the spot in 2010.

Look, I know Pedro hasn’t looked the same since 2005, but even he’s admitted that he has something to prove. Pedro has cojones, and that’s what this team needs more of. So let him come back for one year and prove that he’s still the man.

2009 Mets, We’ve Got Cojones!

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3 Responses to “State of the Mets Rotation (Part V)”

  1. Prismo Says:

    I would be all for Pedro starting the year as our #5, but I could see a problem arising if he pitches poorly. It might leave the Mets at an impasse – they’ll be stuck with him. The good thing about Redding/Niese/Garcia is that any of them would accept a lesser role if he pitched poorly in the #5 spot. Pedro can’t fill a lesser role (I promise they won’t send him to the minors, and god help us all if he joins the bullpen), so they’d be stuck with him, even if he’s horrible.

    • casestreet Says:

      That’s a good point Prismo. I never thought of that. I’d hope Pedro would do what’s best for the team. He has his pride, though, so maybe not.

      However, Freddy Garcia likely won’t be able to start the entrie season, not when he’s just coming off of surgery. So, he’d have to split some of that time with Redding and Niese.

      Either way, I think the rotation looks good. Did you see that Baseball Prospectus has the Mets with the fewest Runs Allowed in the division?

  2. Matt Says:

    very nice write up, although I would love pedro, I think he’ll want too much money..and doesn’t really fit anywhere to me..
    also…I got this up and running:
    just takes rss feeds, for now just metsblog and puts them in a REAL forum view…

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